Our Departments

Our Departments 

Office Personnel

Our office is the central hub of company communication and customer service for Squeegee Clean Inc.  We take care of clerical work like managing our company calendar and scheduling services.  We take phone calls, help answer questions and gather information about our customers and their needs to facilitate getting them a quick and accurate estimate.   We create and send invoices to all of our clients and help facilitate payment processing.  We send out yearly postcards, emails and phone calls about upcoming services.

We take care of all human resource aspects like placing employment ads, attending employment fairs, setting up interviews and hiring.  We manage timekeeping, benefits and process payroll each week.  We plan company wide meetings, events, and community outreach.  Our office staff does so much more and each member is vital to helping Squeegee Clean Inc. run smoothly for each of our team members and our customers.

Soft Wash / Pressure Wash Department

Our soft wash team works in teams of two or three to clean both commercial and residential clients properties.  They must be good communicators and get along with team members.  They ride in our Squeegee Clean trucks and use special soft washing and pressure washing equipment to help them effectively clean exterior structures of all kinds including houses, garages, sheds, porches, patios, awnings, gazebos, driveways, sidewalks, decks, docks, fences, patio furniture, roofs, buildings, parking garages, dumpster pads, and columns to name a few.  They must be able to think on their feet to resolve issues that arise like equipment failure.  They must be detail oriented to be sure they have done a thorough job.  They must be aware of their surroundings and constantly be on the look out for possible hazards or potential liability issues.  They must have good customer relation skills and positive attitude.  They must work outside in all types of weather including cold, heat, or even rain on occasion.  They must be willing to climb ladders or work from a lift as needed. 

Window Cleaning Department

Our window cleaning team typically works solo to complete residential jobs and routine commercial routes.  They ride in their personal vehicle adorned with our company logo magnets and use special window cleaning tools along with acquired skills to clean windows up to 3 stories.  Our window cleaners do not hang from buildings or clean from scaffolding.  There are other companies that do that type of work the we refer work to as needed.  Our window cleaners clean using both traditional and water fed pole technology systems to clean debris off windows, leaving them spot free.  Windows come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and special situations.  Some customers have large panes like storefront windows while others have very small panes as in a french door.  Some customers have storm windows and some have mullions. Some windows are brand new while others are very old and fragile.  Our window cleaners must be willing to take their time to handle every window cleaning scenario with care and customization. They clean screens and wipe window sills clean.  They clean windows inside and outside.  They must be good communicators and have a positive attitude. They must be willing to climb ladders on occasion to reach high windows from inside the home or building.

Sales Department

Our sales department must have excellent people skills and be good communicators  They must have excellent knowledge about all aspects of our company and the services we provide.  They must be willing to organize and present to special interest groups and organizations who need our services.  They must use their personal vehicle adorned with our Squeegee Clean logo magnets to travel from site to site in our service area to meet one on one with customers and be able to document data about a given job and give appropriate pricing for services in an estimate.  They need to be savvy with technology and be able to use our company software to create estimates, keep up with customer communication, and schedule jobs on a daily basis.