Soft Washing

The Soft Wash Cleaning Process

Recognizing the Problem

South Carolina is located in an area of our country with some of the highest algae growth rates. We recognize that these destructive organisms growing on your house siding, roof shingles, concrete surfaces, wooden deck or dock have strong root systems that can penetrate surfaces as they anchor roots deep, causing cracking and permanent destruction. They leave behind an acid byproduct that eats through paint and stain. These roots form a fish hook style root system that when removed by force (power/pressure washing) results in damage to the exterior surface.

We Have the Solution: Soft Washing

Soft washing is a highly effective alternative to pressure washing to clean surfaces. Pressure washing uses low water volume and high pressure which could cause unwanted damages.  Soft washing uses high water volume and low pressure which protects your home from unwanted damages.  Plus the results keep the house cleaner four times longer than pressure washing, saving you time and money.

Step 1 Apply Solution:

We use low pressure to spray our specially designed biodegradable formula.  We specifically blend each solution based on the surface, amount and type of growth growing, insuring no damage to painted surfaces, shingles, wood, or vinyl siding. Each solution batch is customized to maximize cleaning effectiveness while keeping your costs as low.

Step 2 Solution Penetration:

We allow our solution to dwell on the surface and eradicate the parasitic growth at its destructive root system.  When the surface starts turning yellow or brown, that is a sign that it is working.

Step 3 Rinse:

With soft washing we use low pressure, high volume booster pumps to rinse down houses and other delicate surfaces, removing mold, algae, bacteria and their root systems.

Step 4 Repeat if Necessary:

In extreme cases of layers of shaggy moss, our solution may need time to rinse in several rain showers and a possible second application may need to be incrementally applied and rinsed again. Forcing the moss to rinse off could cause damage to the material it is holding onto.  Patience is key.

What Do I Need Soft Washed?

Any structure including roofs, buildings, homes, warehouses, porches, sofits and facia, exterior gutters, canopies, carports, storage sheds, gazebos, fences, decks, docks, outdoor furniture,  statues, and just about everything.  This process works well on all types of substances including plastic, vinyl, hardy plank, brick, stucco, stone, rock, dryvit, metal, and even wood.

commercial window cleaning squeegee pole in columbia sc

Rock or Stone Buildings and Homes

commercial window cleaning squeegee pole in columbia sc

Brick Buildings and Homes

cleaning glass door

Stucco or Vinyl Buildings and Homes

commercial window cleaning squeegee pole in columbia sc

Apartments / Condos

cleaning glass door

Entryway Steps and Stoops

commercial window cleaning squeegee pole in columbia sc

Patios and Porches

cleaning glass door

Furniture Can Be Cleaned From All Angles

commercial window cleaning squeegee pole in columbia sc

Plastic Fences Can Be Cleaned White Again

cleaning glass door

Decks and Boat Docks

commercial window cleaning squeegee pole in columbia sc


cleaning glass door

Porch Ceilings

commercial window cleaning squeegee pole in columbia sc


cleaning glass door

Canopies and Carports

commercial window cleaning squeegee pole in columbia sc


cleaning glass door

Concrete Walls


Is Soft Wash Safe for My Landscape?

The soft wash technology that we use was originally created and used by the agricultural industry. Similar to the agricultural industry, our soft wash process recognizes that one must protect other “good” plants from damage while addressing harmful organisms.We use agricultural style spraying systems to allow for more precise solution application in lower volumes for maximum results with very little waste or run-off. If any run-off reaches your landscaping, protective measures are taken to rinse away or capture the run off.

We analyze different kinds of plants on property before we start cleaning. Very delicate flowers and potted plants are covered with Tyvek which is a protective cover that also allows plants to breathe. We water plants before we clean to ensure their root system is well hydrated and full. Our solution is biodegradable in sunlight and breaks down into carbon rendering it harmless. We water plants during the solution application to ensure that it is rinsed off all leaf surfaces.  Finally, we water plants after solution application as an extra layer of protection.

Is Soft Washing Safe for Exterior Surfaces?

Soft washing uses low pressure with high volume as compared to pressure washing that uses high pressure with low volume.  Utilizing low pressure sprayers insures that your home will not suffer damage.  It is very gentle on all surfaces.  Using pressure washers on home exteriors has proven to pop window seals, blow off siding, or chip away paint.  Soft washing is proven to be the safest, most effective cleaning method being used today in our industry.

Am I Being an Environmental Steward?

Our process lasts four to six times longer than traditional pressure washing meaning less visits, less solution, less water, less energy and less waste. Your home or business stays cleaner longer, saving you money and time!

Why is There Still a Need for Pressure Washing?

Porous surfaces like concrete will require pressure to get the maximum clean effect.  We are prepared through training, knowledge and experience to use the best equipment possible to safely and effectively clean surfaces with surface cleaners which evenly spread the pressure of the water, protecting surfaces from damage and erosion. Surfaces that require high pressure cleaning may include dumpster pad cleaning, concrete cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, driveway cleaning, drive-thru and industrial equipment cleaning.



We Make it Easy with Routine Scheduling, Invoicing,  Payments, and Reward Incentives

We can put your property on a schedule suitable to your needs whether that be once a year, twice a year, every quarter, once a month, twice a month or even weekly.  By putting your property on a routine maintenance schedule, you can be guaranteed that your property will be taken care of regularly without you needing to remember to call and schedule it.  We send out reminder emails and postcards to keep you informed and on top of cleaning maintenance.  We reward loyalty and repeat customers by extending a special discount with loyalty rewards cards.  We deliver digital invoices directly to your email inbox where you can click on the embedded link to make a payment by bank draft or credit card payment.  For services requiring high frequency like many of our window cleaning clients, we offer automatic credit card processing and a yearly prepayment incentive.  Call us today at 803-407-6916.  We are here to help!