Maintaining Your Gutters

Gutters get filled with leaves and debris and if unkept, it will cause your gutters to not work efficiently.  Gutters are designed to capture water from your roof and move it away from your home foundation. If they are not cleaned regularly, water will just pour over the sides, rendering them useless.  Even some types of gutter guards don't fully keep gutters from becoming clogged.  Gutters need to be cleaned out every year and sometimes twice a year depending on how many trees are near your home. We clean out gutters by climbing a ladder and removing the leaves by hand. We offer an additional service called a gutter flush to clean out downspouts.  We hoist our pressure washing wand up ladders to push water through the downspouts in hopes of pushing any blockages through to the end of the downspouts.

We Clean Interior Gutters by Hand

We Climb Ladders to Reach Inside Gutters

Gutter Flush of Downspouts with High Pressure

Hard to Reach Areas Where Ladders Don't Reach

Gutter Whitening

Typically when we soft wash a house or business, the exterior gutters get cleaned too. However gutters are not all equal. Depending on the age, gutter material, sun exposure and washing maintenance over the lifespan of the gutter, some gutters will remain dingy, dirty or even tiger striped.  When this happens, we offer a special service called gutter whitening. We must purchase a special solution that is applied by dipping a brush in a bucket of the solution and hoisting our pole up to manually scrub each and every area of the gutter.  It is tedious, difficult work but worth every penny to not have to repaint or replace your gutters.

Disclaimer: Even with gutter whitening methods, on occasion we encounter gutters so neglected that they are beyond the ability to get them completely clean.


We Make it Easy with Routine Scheduling, Invoicing,  Payments, and Reward Incentives

We can put your property on a schedule suitable to your needs whether that be once a year, twice a year, every quarter, once a month, twice a month or even weekly.  By putting your property on a routine maintenance schedule, you can be guaranteed that your property will be taken care of regularly without you needing to remember to call and schedule it.  We send out reminder emails and postcards to keep you informed and on top of cleaning maintenance.  We reward loyalty and repeat customers by extending a special discount with loyalty rewards cards.  We deliver digital invoices directly to your email inbox where you can click on the embedded link to make a payment by bank draft or credit card payment.  For services requiring high frequency like many of our window cleaning clients, we offer automatic credit card processing and a yearly prepayment incentive.  Call us today at 803-407-6916.  We are here to help!